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RW Allen at Red Hill Gallery

Rich Allen is a graduate from the Central (now Central St Martins) School of Art, in London. Following migration to Brisbane in 1982, Rich practiced as a graphic designer, and corporate identity specialist (a service he defines as ‘differentiation by design’), returning to his fine art on a full-time basis, in late 2009.

His upcoming exhibition, In Pursuit of Mastery, opens at Red Hill Gallery this Saturday 7 March. Working with the single-minded theme of INTIMISM (capturing a fleeting moment), Rich’s approach is organised and measured, with all his time documented. He recently accrued 18000 recorded hours, and has calculated and charted the various dates during which he believes ‘brief spells of progress’ have been made.

Rich’s presentation verbalises and visualises his journey from its outset. He states: “I believe that my work is simply about a disciplined pursuit towards some sort of mastery. Embracing and enjoying plateaus of pure practice are paramount to the process”.

Join Rich at the exhibition opening to learn about his practice in the art of intimism, capturing a moment with patterns, an integral component to his drawing explorations. This Saturday 7 March, 2-4pm. Please email RSVP to In Pursuit of Mastery runs until 22 March. View works on the Red Hill Gallery website.

RW Allen | 7 - 22 March 2020 | Red Hill Gallery | 61 Musgrave Road, Red Hill

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