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When only the best will do!

Our fully equipped purpose built photography studio is dedicated to high resolution art capture for fine art prints, art reproductions, catalogues, invitations, and artist and gallery records. A high quality file of an original piece of art is crucial in achieving a quality reproduction of the artwork.


We take great pride in our art documentation service. Jon’s photographic and post production skills combined with the knowledge of the latest photographic technologies means we can provide a service second to none.


It's both the skills and equipment that counts

One hundred and eighty seven megapixels is a lot of megapixels, but that's how many our camera has! Sixteen bit capture with full RGB data and no interpolation gives us plenty of colour info to work with. And with precision optics from Germany and Japan not a pixel goes to waste. This is art reproduction at its best.

When 187 megapixels still isn't enough, our custom designed (by Jon) and built (by Jon) easel allows us to safely and accurately make multiple art captures from a single artwork for digital file stitching. Four captures stitched, and it's 748 megapixels anyone? Not enough? No problem. A painting 2.4 x 5 metres that needs to be captured? No problem. There's no flatbed art scanning to see here.

Cross polarization, asymmetrical lighting, front lighting and copy lighting are all on hand to solve the tricky problems artwork throws at us on a daily basis. Calibrated EIZO monitors... colour managed workflow... you get the idea... Check out our Art Capture Gallery for the rest of the story.

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