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Our COVID-19 Lockdown

Now with this global health emergency in full flight we have been ordered by doctors to stay home. Jon, having a health condition with a compromised immune system is in the high risk category. Neither of us can afford to contract COVID-19.

However, it remains business as usual, although we are taking precautions to protect our health and Jon’s life. Where possible we will have consultations via phone or email. Artwork drop offs for either capture or framing can still be conducted in the studio. So too print and artwork collections. We will just have to keep our distance and save hugs for a later time. If you do suspect you, or someone you have been in contact with has the symptoms or has been travelling, we do request that you let us know before you come to the studio so we can take extra precautions. Unfortunately our collection and delivery service will be limited but we will assist where we can.

Coronavirus Disease 2019
Coronavirus Disease 2019

We are taking precautions when handling incoming items and materials with increased hand washing and sanitising. Using antibacterial wipes on some equipment and wearing gloves when handling prints and packaging. We aim to keep ourselves and our workspace as healthy and hygenic as possible for customers who do come to our studio. Our studio may be one of the safest places you could visit.

It’s very unsettling for us in this uncertain time. We hope you continue to support us as the year unfolds. We need your business to survive financially. To have that under threat too will really bring us down.

A huge thank you to those who keep Printroom ticking over. And to those who have offered their support of collecting supplies for us. It truly will be appreciated.

Take care and stay safe everyone,

Stella & Jon xx

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