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Mega Megapixel Magic

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Last year we were contacted by QUT Art Museum to digitise three of William Robinson‘s incredible landscape paintings for The Cube's project Nature Imagined. The idea behind the project was that visitors could interact with each artwork, zooming in deeply to see the highly intricate detail and technique in each of Robinson's works. 

The files we produced were so large The Cube had to write special software that enabled them to display the images and also allow the data in these super high-resolution paintings to be moved around smoothly by the viewer.  

To produce the files Jon used his special easel to produce multiple captures of each of Robinson's large paintings. Up to 24 captures were required for each work, which when stitched together produced files around 3.2GB. For us now, tackling such a project will be much more streamlined with our new camera technology, needing only 3-4 captures of each painting to get the same result. Now that's mega!

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