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Brood & Bloom

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Brisbane artist Kate Barry’s painting process is entirely physical; always standing, crouching and circling around her works. The energetic act of painting itself emerges as both spontaneous and confident. Kate's raw style means an unquestionable authenticity comes across in her artworks, drawing the viewer to connect in an almost primal way.

We get to connect to Kate's bold and immersive paintings at her latest exhibition, Brood & Bloom, that opens this Friday night at The Third Quarter Gallery. With an artistic style driven by her intuitive and emotional responses to landscapes and the energy of human interconnection, this collection of works evokes a sense of moodiness; the cosiness of the cooler months and the darker tones of winter to nestle into, while inviting viewers to stretch and expand into the new growth and warm blooms of the approaching summer.

Kate Barry | Brood & Bloom | 30 August – 12 September 2019 | The Third Quarter | 194 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

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